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October 6, 2011

Remember Vidal?


Remember Vidal? Despite their well-known illegal activities since the nineties and the blacklisting of several IUU fishing vessels, linked to Vidal Armadores, Vidal companies have received millions of Euros of fishing subsidies from the local government of Galicia, the Spanish fisheries ministry and the European Union, since 2002. Oceana has been tracking his activities for years – we even wrote a report about it, which we submitted to the European Commission.

Well, we’ve got more good news!

Greenpeace just unveiled a report on Vidal (find it here), bringing the spotlight back where it belongs and we’re thrilled to hear that the Commission and the media are giving this case the attention it deserves.

Given the state of our oceans AND of our economy, it is simply unacceptable that our taxpayer money is funding illegal activities and overfishing.