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September 17, 2012

Ranger Expedition 2012: Exploring Ocean Depths

BY: Angela Pauly


© OCEANA / Gorka Leclercq


It’s expedition time again; one of our favorite times of year!

Today, we launched the Oceana Ranger Expedition 2012 and this year’s focus will be on the deep sea areas of the Atlantic and Mediterranean.

We’ll be using our underwater robot (ROV) to take video footage and images of underwater mountains with peaks so deep that divers can’t get to them.

Seamounts are incredibly important to protect as they are home to a wide variety of species and habitats that occupy the many different heights and soil types along their banks.

As always, we’ll be keeping you up to date via the onboard diary, and uploading videos and photos of stunning marine life regularly to our website and Flickr account so keep an eye out.

Ranger Expedition 2012