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July 5, 2016

The privileges from working at-sea

BY: Marta Fernández



You get a totally different feeling when you start work on a day like today – opening the Ranger door to see the sea sparkling in front of you and a horizon stretching far and wide, and when you feel the warm early-morning sun on you after a serene and silent night’s sleep under a summer sky filled with stars.

Another treasure from working at-sea is when we’re sailing from one place to another to dive, watching the horizon and breathing in the strong wind hitting you fast as the boat speeds up. You also get nice surprises such as the Risso’s dolphin from the other day coming to visit us again! Well, we’d like to think it was the same one from the other day as we were in the same area. He/she surfed passed the Ranger, stopping to take an inquisitive look at Kike’s drone. But I wish it had come to see us later on in the day when we were all having a dip in the sea after a hard day’s work…being able to do that is just another privilege of working at-sea!