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June 29, 2008

Por fin España es Campeona!!!!

BY: Keith Ellenbogen


©OCEANA/ Keith Ellenbogen


The Spanish “furia” team is known for its technical agility, graceful ball movement. It has had a frustrating world champion curse —preventing the national team from winning the trophy over the last 44 years. Second to the WorldCup Championship the EuroCup is the most sought after football trophy. In the final match Spain versus the favored Germans — the tides have changed and Spain returned to days of glory!

A Day to Remember! June 29, 2008; 22:45

Spain is the Euro Cup Champion — defeating Germany 1-0.

Onboard the Oceana Marviva, where the crew is international but predominately Spanish — in the expedition room — streaming the game live from the Mediterranean in Italian waters near the African coast — all activities stopped –except the watch for driftnetters in the bridge – and everyone cheered for a Spanish victory. Throughout the evening our team celebrated with a Espectacular GOOOOOOOL del niño Fernando Torres! Putting the German rivals in their place 🙂

Over the course of the expedition the Oceana team has watched each round of the cup of the EuroCup. Below sitting on the steps outside the restaurant of San Paolo Naufrago surrounded by Italians –some of them being the crew of the tuna purseiner Luigi Padre in Malta we cheered for Spain as they beat Italy in a nail biting shoot out in which San Iker Casillas blocked 2 of the 5 penalty kicks — revenging past losses.

One of the Oceana team members, expert diver and die hard football fan, Alberto Iglesias was quoted as saying “Pensaba que nos ibamos a morir sin vivir esto… (I thought we are going to die without seeing this”)

Happy Birthday Xavier Pastor

From the Oceana Marviva Med Team — Happy Birthday Xavier!

In a birthday he will never forget, today his wish came true — Spain is the EuroCup champions!