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July 29, 2016

Points of view

BY: Silvia García



Until a few years ago, the diaries were written almost exclusively by the scientists on board. As expected, we focused on the ROV dives carried out or those by the divers, we documented species and habitats, whale sightings, birds, turtles and rubbish on the surface. Occasionally, a colleague would offer to write and would give you a break and offer a new point of view of the campaign. Perhaps it would be an ROV technician, one of the divers or the cook. Now, and from quite recently, this method has become the norm and everyone on board writes diaries. A different member of crew every day, with a set timetable. And, even if this means we have follow the day’s author around, repeating the phrase “Hey, you owe me a diary” like some kind of mantra, it seems that the formula is working. In this way we are discovering, even within the crew, new points of view, each more interesting than the last, that we would never have had without the diaries of these improvised authors. So, thank you very much everyone for the moments you have spent writing, for the goodwill you have shown, since this is not part of your work, and the laughter and surprises that you have provided with your great diaries.