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October 19, 2020

Plastics everywhere

BY: Ricardo Aguilar



The survey continues a good pace. We have already observed more than twenty areas and plastics appear on all dives. Sometimes they are only a few here and there, and other times they are concentrated in larger quantities.

The lot of the seafloor is mostly sandy with green algae, although the presence of small rocks is not uncommon, where some gorgonians and sponges are located.

In the deeper areas, the seafloor has the greatest amount of mud. Many of them full of cavities and crevices made by some fish and crustaceans.

We´ve observed that plastics are found moving towards the sandy bottom, either by moved by waves and/or or currents and are also caught in rocks and algae. Unfortunately, the cavities and crevices have also become a perfect trap for the smaller pieces resulting from the fragmentation and deterioration of bags, glasses, bottles, and other single-use plastic objects.