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September 16, 2006

Palma de Mallorca – We load the ROV

BY: Ricardo Aguilar



After arriving at Palma de Mallorca to load supplies and make some changes in the crew, we being to prepare ourselves to receive the submarine robot (ROV) that we will use during the next few weeks. The day has been quite hectic; it is very difficult to find a slot in Palma these days and we need one that will permit the use of the crane to load the ROV and all the necessary material. In order to achieve this, we have had to tie up and untie the boat five times, occupying different slots as they became available thanks to the cooperation of their owners. The truth is that we greatly appreciate the help and collaboration of many people, especially the ferry boats at port that have helped us immensely with our work.

The day has been quite long. Not only do we have to load the robot and all the materials necessary for its operation, but we also have to prepare everything before setting sail: verifying that the engines work properly, that the cameras and computers are correctly connected, that the cables, generators and other gadgets are ready and working properly…

We finally finish at night. We have dinner and set sail toward our first destination, the Emile Baudot Bank, south of Mallorca.