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August 4, 2016

A packed day

BY: Brais Lorenzo



An early morning robotic dive, even when we are past the half-point on this campaign, each day is unique. The weather forecast is never reassuring, for it is always at the border of being unfeasible.

At noon, the divers go under Norwegian waters. Such is their devotion to the cause that even after doing their allotted time underwater, they spend their time chasing some playful seals on the surface. Playful because they let enough distance from humans to be seen, but not to be touched.

After that, it’s spotlight time. The boat becomes under the control of the filming team –they use this setting for a backdrop for filming guest stars.

Ending the day, we go back to a port belonging to a beautiful city, Stavanger, which has been giving us a very warm welcome these last few days.