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June 5, 2006

One frame at a time: Final thoughts (one foot on the shore)

BY: Cory



Today I leave the Ranger and begin my journey home.  With my bags on my back and memories in my head (and on my camera) I take one step away from the Ranger and its crew, having taken enumerable steps closer.

Over the last three weeks, I’ve had an amazing experience working with everyone onboard.  We all worked tirelessly twenty-four hours a day, everyday, through clear skies, rough seas, blue calm and downpour.  I can’t fully explain what The Ranger is like at any given moment without a multitude of memories and feelings swirling around inside my head.  Everyone was always working their hardest, doing their part, and more – tirelessly.  We all cooked, we all cleaned, we all worked in shifts at all hours of the night and day.  We translated back and forth, poking fun in good humor at cultural and linguistic similarities and differences.  We anxiously awaited the opening of a new chocolate bar. 

We shared this experience completely.

I leave The Ranger having experienced Oceana working first hand to protect the oceans.  The work we do today is only one part of our larger mission.  It will eventually culminate into a piece of legislation, a documentary, or a clearer understanding of what is happening in our oceans and seas – change.

I return home to Washington, DC to share my experiences with my colleagues, my friends and family, and those who read, watch, and listen to our stories.  But first, I wish everyone on the Ranger good luck and a safe journey.  Au revoir, adios, and goodbye.