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June 25, 2015

Onboard surprise




Well, now we can tell. Last Saturday (June 20th), we had a special visit. Some might have already seen it in the media outlets and most of you reading know what I mean. June 20 diary facts are true, but it is not the whole truth of what happened that day in the Ranger. First we had to officially release the news since we could not tell a word before the release. Taking advantage of the fact that today the waves are too high to sail, I hereby certify for the record  that Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth were onboard the Ranger. The truth is we were all a little nervous, not knowing quite well where to stand or how to act. The cameras of our videographer and photographer were on fire! And although we are used to having them around documenting almost everything we do, we knew that the images of that day would spread like wildfire in the media around the world. And so they did! We have to say that they both are from this very planet, and are made of flesh and blood; it was great to see their true interest in Oceana´s work, answering their questions and explaining how we operate. It was a pleasure to have them onboard, and we hope it´s not the last time!