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May 28, 2005

Oceana Wavemakers. Saturday, May 28th, 2005

BY: Guayo



During our second day in Horta, we were visited by Duncan, one of the more than 300.000 Oceana collaborators from around the world. As soon as he knew, that the Ranger would be in Azores, he got in touch with us, to offer his collaboration


Duncan is the owner of Mid Atlantic Yatch Services, a company specialized in boating supplies in the Island of Faial and he was very helpful with the preparation of a stibor generator and helped us with cleaning one of the two fuel tanks of the Ranger, where we had detected excess water.

Duncan had the help of David during his work onboard, and during short resting periods (the operation has lasted all morning) we had the opportunity to talk about his work, the state of the water around Azores and of how thrilled he was in being able to help Oceana when he found out of the Ranger’s visit to Azores.

Throughout the morning, Mar, Sole and Houssine have contacted a couple of diving schools to check on the status of areas that were reported as “hot spots” by Ricardo Aguilar, from our office in Madrid, and that we film. After we had dinner onboard (fried eggs with salad, prepared by Indi, and, as everything he has prepared since he came onboard in Fort Lauderdale, was a taste of heaven), the group has gone diving with Bibi in one of the dinghys.

Unfortunately, the areas visited were plagued by hundreds of Portuguese Man of War (Physalia physalis), and it has not been possible to dive, so it has been delayed for a few days.

Physalia physalis  Physalia physalis