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July 9, 2016

Night-time diving

BY: Carlos Minguell



Today the Campaigner who schedules the diary entries got it right for me! One of my diary entries finally falls on a diving day! I think having shared 20m2 for 45 days with me has softened her heart. Today, besides diving, I also went shopping with Cristina the Great Chef and then, in the evening, we carried out some ROV dives. As the night was approaching, the ROV dive ended up being a night-time one, so we had to really look carefully for the tiny animals in sea bed full of seagrass and algae. It’s good to change diving areas, from the usual cave dives, although tonight we came across a thermocline that we had never experienced before; a moving layer of water that separates a layer of cold water at the bottom from the warmer water nearer the surface. It’s especially designed to ruin your chances of getting photos while freezing your neck at any point! If you want to photograph something, you either have to be below it or above it. The bad thing is that below it, the water is freezing cold, and the worst thing about this thermocline was that it started at just 4 meters deep! I asked for 10 more minutes to keep taking photos and I can remember every minute!