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June 6, 2006

New crew

BY: Guayo



Yesterday we embarked five new crewmembers: Soledad Esnaola, who crewed on the Oceana Ranger last year and who will replace Pilar Barros for a time; Juan Cuetos, a replacement for Houssine Kaddachi; Enrique Talledo, who will occupy the place of Jorge Candan during the month of June; Jose Peñalver, who also sailed on the 2005 Expedition and who will occupy the position of Alfredo Sagasti in the galley and finally, the present writer, replacing Julie Cator in communications.

We boarded in Ostia (Roma) after a flight of a little over two hours from Madrid and with quite a lot of luggage, which fortunately arrived on time.

After placing our belongings in the cabins that Jordi assigned to us we all went to have dinner together (with the difficulty involved in finding a place where fourteen people can in fact eat together), which allowed us in the first place to laugh a lot (I can assure you that good humour is a feature of all the crews who have been on board) and secondly to exchange impressions about the work carried out up to now and comment on the tasks that are going to be carried out in the near future.

I encourage you to continue reading our log book which, as up to now, we shall keep on writing for you throughout this campaign. We trust that the possibility of getting to know the problems first hand that affect our oceans and in this case the Mediterranean will be as attractive for you to read as it is to us when we are writing.

As they say about the television, “if you blink, you’ve missed it”.