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June 5, 2018

Nets on Top

BY: Silvia García




I joined the campaign yesterday, now at the base port on Salina Island. During my two weeks here we’ll sail from this port to the different areas that we have left to investigate, leaving and returning to port daily except when we go to the study area in Ginostra, the island formed by the Stromboli volcano.

This island is the easternmost of this archipelago, three hours (some 22 nautical miles) from Salina, so we’ll spend two nights out to work in that area instead of returning to port. Today we were in the Secca dei Pesci, a marine area south of Panarea, clearly rich in commercial species for the amount of fishing gear set up on its summit. We were able to verify that the bottom is made of rhodolith beds, a type of habitat as rich as it is sensitive to human impact, on which community legislation prohibits the use of gear that could damage it.