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July 30, 2016

Neptune’s stowaways

BY: Jorge Candan


Carlos Pérez
Oceana Staff


A marine animal must specialise in order to survive at sea, either to feed itself, defend itself from predators, move…for almost everything. Many birds are perfectly adapted to this environment, able to cross or live in the middle of the marine environment without the possibility of resting on something firm. Living conditions are so harsh that if an animal is injured or weak, it will inevitably end up falling prey to the waves.

These days the Neptune has become the salvation of a few birds that have stayed with us for a few days. A seagull and a sandpiper have regained their strength on the Neptune and after a couple of days continued on their way with a full stomach.

However, a pigeon took the most advantage, first stopping by the bridge to greet the captain, and in an excess of trust slept in Riki’s cabin…back to Madrid tomorrow and I’m not sure if tonight with “Paloma” (pigeon in Spanish) will be a problem.