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July 27, 2016

Neptune en la sombra

BY: Nicolas Fournier



Interesting anecdotes from onboard the Neptune (some may seem pretty obvious for experienced Oceana campaigners, but not for me):

  • “There’s always a gym onboard” says our resident seafarer extraordinaire (aka marine scientist, Cecilie). Well she’s right this time and ours is located on the lower deck, basically under water level (brrr). But hold on a second – it’s probably not a gym as you’re imagining it. It’s simply an empty space between the engines, the fuel tanks and some fridges where some workout machines have been sneaked in. Very useful to stay in shape, but also to get intoxicated!
  • Every little thing that can move, slide, roll and eventually fall must be attached or locked up. Every little drawer, closet or table has its own funny little adhering mat, clip or lock. The Holy Grail of this creativity is found in the kitchen, where everything is arranged to cook during the roughest conditions!
  • There’s a TV room but the remote control is lost so it keeps on showing random US TV-shows 24/7. It’s also where we gather for evening movies which Cecilie kindly prepares us popcorn.
  • We have internet, well kind of. It’s satellite internet, which is not exactly reliable. However, you can often receive mobile networks when you’re getting close to an oil rig! The problem is that I heard that roaming fees are pretty expensive (or maybe that is just because it’s Norwegian prices!)
  • On Sundays we perform a “drill”, which is an emergency exercise in which we run to the bridge and indicate on a board that we’re here. Some of the crew will wear helmets and safety jackets, and then on special Sundays we even test the fire hose, to water the sea (just in case sea-level wasn’t rising enough).
  • We eat a lot. Perhaps being on deck exhausts our bodies or maybe we are just greedy. Breakfast is at 7, lunch at 11:30, coffee break (and yummy cake) at 3, diner at 6. All times are not indicative, but need to be respected rigorously. Not exactly a Spanish schedule…