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August 16, 2016

my first full day on the Neptune

BY: Hanna Paulomäki



Today was my first full day on the Neptune. I came onboard yesterday to replace Helena who finished her shift and returned back to her dry office. I’m delighted to be at sea once again and waking up to fresh sea air is always lovely. Well, at least when it happens that is. Last night we remained at the harbor as we waited for a couple more arrivals and one vital delivery for the ROV. On top of the delay we regrettably docked next to a fishmeal factory replacing that refreshing sea breeze with the unsavory stench of rotten fish.

Despite the circumstances we set to work in the harbor making plans for the remaining weeks. As we lost so many days due to storms, and now in harbor, we decided to make some slight changes and spend a couple of more days in Danish waters before moving on to The Netherlands. This required some phone calls and emails as our Danish work permits were about to expire. Fortunately, the Danish officials were supportive and the request was accepted within 24 hours.

In the evening we welcomed two new crew members from a Dutch organisation called Stichting Anemoon who will join us for the rest of the expedition. We started the engines and hit the sea just as the moon was rising. It was nice going to bed knowing that in the morning we would wake up at sea ready to get back on track – and without the smell of rotten fish!