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July 2, 2016

Muscle Dysmorphia On Board

BY: Rubén González



The hours with the ROV on-deck are long so you have to find something to do while still keeping an eye on important things such as carabiners, ballasts and the controls!

On this year’s expedition, most of us are fitness mad, which means that when we have some spare time, the Ranger looks more like a floating gym than anything else. You kind of have to invent exercises that, in a matter of seconds, can allow you to dash straight back to your work at any moment. This is because we’re dealing with delicate material and the slightest of error could make things go horribly wrong. The banter on-board between the crew is friendly and gives our spirits a good boost. But exercise is always a positive thing for the body, mind and above all, our work, which is mostly physical – we have to be able to lift the ROV from an ocean depth of 1000 metres!

Today, it was a mix of diving in the morning and work on the ROV in the afternoon. Working on the ROV is another hard exercise that always puts us to the test. Nevertheless, we managed to get the work done successfully before heading back to harbour, having reached our objectives and with a few new memories to cherish from the day.