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July 28, 2017

Mother Nature

BY: Brais Lorenzo



Three-bladed titans greeted us as the day broke. The huge air generators on the horizon provide electricity to a civilization that has started to feel very far from us after nine days at sea which, after treating us well for the last month or so, has started to show its true colours./p>

The underwater robot (ROV) was all ready and the boat was in position, when Aaron at the winch, warns us there’s a huge black cloud getting closer and closer to us. We waited a bit and then it came. For 10 minutes, Mother Nature put us to the test with her full force: torrential rain and strong waves hit the boat. Everyone went for their phone to take a photo, relieved that we the robot wasn’t in the water then./p>

The afternoon came and we tried to find some time to carry on working with the robot. The rest of the day was hard because the huge waves were constantly rocking the boat. Today, if we learned anything, it’s to always respect the sea./p>