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May 31, 2016

More than 70 days of sailing

BY: Jesús Molino



There are so many things to sort out before you start a campaign. Sort out the boat, check the diving equipment, science work, uniforms, security and a long etc.

After 3 years of specific work on the Ranger catamaran, we finally get together in Sicily.  There are some familiar faces from the last 6 years and a few new faces this year, but we’re all excited to be taking part in this kind of research expedition. Some of those here have just recently come back from a research expedition in the Baltic Sea. Ahead of us we have more than 70 days of sailing and ROV work and dives to research the bottom of these Maltese waters.

My work consists in preparing the campaign, organizing the crew and kicking off the expedition. Once the campaign is underway, I check that the work on deck can be done properly and safely. At the moment everything is turning out perfectly and the work is being carried out with major setbacks – and any minor setbacks have been sorted out. Let’s touch wood for the next few months and hope that everything carries on like this!