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June 18, 2018

The Mediterranean as it is

BY: Silvia García



We’re sailing towards one of our research zones on the second to last day of the expedition. Even though we’re here to document the seafloor, we make sure nothing escapes our eyes, binoculars or cameras: seabirds, dolphins, turtles, tunas, swordfish…we’re documenting everything we see on the water’s surface.

We’re in the Mediterranean and we’re waiting to spot swordfish jumping above the water, dolphins and seabirds feeding of fish and dozing turtles on the surface. That’s the Mediterranean.

But in this campaign the notebook where we log these things is empty, giving us a clear picture of what’s going on in the Mediterranean, a sea that already accounts for 100% of overfished stocks — the situation can’t be any worse — and land-based and sea-based industrial, fishing and household pollution that is absolutely unacceptable.

We must recover the Mediterranean and we must make sure that we bring it back to what it truly is.   

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