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April 11, 2016

Malmö/Råå, Sweden

BY: Hanna Paulomäki



There is no better feeling than getting to the sea after months and months of planning and preparations. Today was, again, one of those days: first day at sea and a beginning of another adventure. This time we are exploring the marine life and, the threats towards it, in the Sound or Öresund/Øresund as the Swedes and Danes call the strait they share.

The first day was still much about having things in order and testing gear, and to get to know each other: we are cooperating with the organisation Sea-U from Malmö and the team consists of Oceana and their crew plus two boats, Elias and Popp of which the first one is used for diving and another one for operating the ROV. After a long day of setting things ready and doing test dives with both by scuba teams and the ROV, we finally have everything ready in the harbor of Råå for tomorrow morning when the field work begins.

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