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April 10, 2013

Making the ocean a wilder place

BY: Oceana Web




Wild10, the 10th World Wilderness Congress, will be taking place next October, and we at Oceana in Europe have already gone wild about it!

You may wonder what it’s all about. Well, this is “the world’s longest-running, public conservation project and environmental forum”, as they call it. And what we like most is that it’s an ongoing programme aimed at practical results, which perfectly matches Oceana’s approach.

This time around the congress will take place in Spain (Salamanca, 4-10 October) and Xavier Pastor, Executive Director for Oceana in Europe, joined a presentation event yesterday evening, stating: “a wilder planet requires preserving and restoring large areas in the oceans, which cover three quarters of its surface. Oceans health requires that at least one third of their surface is preserved from any harm or damage. Join Wild10 efforts to achieve it!”

People from all around the world will gather again in a few months to push to make the world a wilder place. We believe that we are still on time to set Europe on a new course, to a future where both people and nature thrive, and the economy and ecology go hand in hand.

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WILD10 Introductory Video from The WILD Foundation on Vimeo.