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May 21, 2012

A long day

BY: Enrique Talledo


© OCEANA / Carlos Suárez


Today I got up, like most days, at 8 in the morning, after a night in which sunlight woke me up at around 5. Funny, isn’t it? Days here are so long that they almost make the night disappear. 

Today we will be performing several study methods: trawl, CTD, ROV and diving. We will be exploring various depths and ecosystems. 

We are in the northern area of the Bothnia Gulf, were waters are calmer and the salinity drops to limits that few marine species can bear. Biodiversity is highly reduced here, and we hardly found any fish of commercial interest.

Today’s dive was the one in which we found the least sea life. 45 minutes at 1ºC trying to document species that we have hardly seen. After every day’s work, the images and photographs taken are analysed, identifying species, observing their behaviour and collecting many data which will later be part of a detailed analysis to be published in a few months’ time.