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July 21, 2016

Lobbyist on board part II


It has only been two days on-board but the Brussels lobbyists are slowly getting the hang of it. We are finally starting to develop our seamen’s legs: once we stepped of the ship yesterday evening in Grimsby we felt that our body was still swaying from the boat’s movement.

Today, we left early in the morning to arrive at our selected sites to take two sediment samples with the grab in the Humber area before the divers go into the water. This all has to be timed very carefully, as the divers will be able to stay under water longer at the time of the day with the least current. In this morning’s sediment samples we found a lot of porcelain crabs, squat lobsters as well as small brittle stars. We also had a couple of chitons that look like woodlouses but live on rocks on the seabed and a sea spider – we can almost start a small sea garden here!

After lunch it was the turn for the divers. They have to wear dry suits in order to be able to stay in the water long enough, even if the temperature is 14 degrees Celsius at the bottom – you have to be a super hero to stay in the water longer than 10 minutes without such a suit. Trust me, a couple of us jumped in today and we did not last more than 2 minutes!

The divers made photographs and videos of a shipwreck, and saw many school fish schools (fish swimming together in a coordinated manner), as well as a cod, lobster and a large sea urchin. The wreck was full of Deadman’s fingers, anemones and types of mussels in the most amazing colours.

After the dive we took two other sediment samples, full of crabs again, as well as barnacles and a sponge!

In all, a great second day for the lobbyists, looking forward to the third and the rest of the trip!