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June 11, 2010

Let’s hit the ocean, we’re leaving!

BY: Oceana Web



The Oceana Ranger is setting sail just in a few days to start the 2010 Expedition. The logistics team is working really hard already to have everything all-set by June 15. The Operations Director must be going crazy (even a bit more) to get everything done on time.

The most important thing here is to check the whole calendar, make sure all the material has been packed, all the ROV accessories, computers, electronic devices, cables, everything actually, because there is no room to mess up. Well, the thing is than the boat team is well-experienced in this expedition-related stuff, so no worries about it.

During our past expeditions, Oceana documented never-seen-before and rare species in some areas and collected very valuable information about the marine ecosystems. Like every year, the whole team is thrilled about the idea of finding data that help us protect marine species and habitats. We just hope we won’t discover any Mozilla-like monster around! 🙂

The countdown is thrown in. Don’t miss how the expedition goes. This year we have a rubber boat the Oceana Explorer that will help us take the most of the on-the-spot research. Divers and scientists will split to document the marine areas. Sail along with us through this blog. We’ll be posting pictures and videos of our exciting expedition. Don’t miss one day! This is the International Year of the Biodiversity and we have to make it count! Everyone get on board!