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August 8, 2011

Last day on the bank



Logo LIFE+INDEMARESIt looks like today is the last day of the 2011 campaign on Seco de los Olivos because, unfortunately, a strong wind storm is headed our way and we won’t be able to work for at least three days.

We’ve said goodbye to this mountain this year with a deep dive, at over 400 meters, and that’s the 21st dive this year on the bank, of a total of more than 60 dives during 4 years of research. It was a good dive and we found a healthy bamboo coral field (Isidella elongata), one of our favorite sea fans that have practically disappeared from the Mediterranean due to aggressive trawling on muddy sea beds, where they develop. Luckily though, we’ve found this species both here and in the Mallorca channel (Balearic Islands).


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