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June 6, 2006

Last day aboard the Ranger

BY: Oceana Web



Well, this is my last day aboard the Ranger before I return to the Oceana Office in Brussels, Belgium. It’s as difficult this year as it was last year to leave the Ranger – three weeks of living and working with such an experienced team of people, all of which are completely dedicated to protecting the marine environment.

It’s now time for me to take our work on the Ranger back to Brussels and share it with people there, with the aim of changing policy to better protect our marine environment, threatened by a multitude of human impacts – such as pollution, fishing, and climate change.

We are in Rome, resting and gearing up for the new phase of the expedition, after battling gale force winds, rough seas, and rain along the Italian coast. This evening, new crew members arrive to take the place of all of us that are leaving.

Making their way home too are Concha returning to the Ocean Europe office in Madrid, Spain; Cory to our office in Washington, DC; the divers and underwater videographers Pilar and Jorge back home to Galicia; and Alfredo our cook leaves for Spain too.

Xavier, Carlos, Thierry, Albert and Jordi are continuing on– best wishes for the rest of the expedition and watch out, I may be back!