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August 8, 2017

The crew

BY: Jorge Blanco



The human factor is undoubtedly the most important thing on any campaign. You can have campaigns without ROV, without dredges and without CTD, but you can’t have a campaign without a crew. The Oceana crew for this campaign has stayed steady at around 18 – 20 people. In theory, it should be hard to all live together on a 50-meter boat for two long months of hard work. In theory…

It’s exciting to take a break from the daily chores to watch our crew…two months and not a rude gesture, two months and no one has ever hesitated to help a fellow crew member out, two months and you still hear the same sounds of laughter and joking around as on the first day (right now I can hear a conversation behind me about butifarras (Catalan-style sausage), calçots and rice…a conversation sprinkled with many laughs). In short, two months of good times.

Yesterday, in fact, while five people helped our guest to get his dredger ready, four completed and processed a dredge, two more decided on the best location for the next dive, two adjusted the ROV, and four others filmed and took photos of it all…a perfectly oiled machine, taking full advantage of every second of work in order to get the best possible results for the proper management of this sea, so significantly impacted by human activity.