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May 31, 2018

Just imagine…

BY: Jorge Blanco


© OCEANA Enrique Talledo


Just imagine breathing under water. Imagine diving at huge depths. Imagine being around the wonderful coral reefs or incredible bamboo coral. Imagine living side by side with deep-sea sharks, sea sponges or species with unpronounceable names but beauty beyond words.

This is exactly what we get to experience on board the Oceana Ranger – well through our underwater robot. We do get to see what the robot sees and get to imagine what it feels like for our true stars of the expedition – the living creatures that live hundreds of metres below the oceans’ surface.

We get to experience how great it is to see these creatures growing freely and the friendships that they seem to have between other species. We can feel what it feels like to go down sea walls that are full of life but also how sad it feels to see so much of the rubbish society generates in places that not so long ago we could only image or read about in Julio Verne’s novels.

I hope we never have to the creatures that live there why we pollute their place. We already have a multitude of species on the verge of extinction. I hope we never have to explain why we destroy their habitats because harmful fishing gear is used, because in all honestly, I wouldn’t know what to say.