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July 28, 2011

Journal of a ROV technician

BY: Pitu Rovirosa


© OCEANA / Carlos Suárez


Logo LIFE+INDEMARESAfter the report said that we would not have good weather conditions, the day starts with no wind, but it increased as the morning passed. When we arrived at the bank, we decided to launch a dredge, with no success, and a couple of CTD. In the afternoon, the wind abated and the sea let us go in search of the black coral and its dark magic. If we found it, we would try to take a sample because the treasures of the sea must be taken at least once to be correctly identified. This coral was found in 2006, and until today we have known how to wait in order to improve the study thereof and to confirm the species, which was not clear at all. The thrill you feel on the ship in these cases from the moment it is found until a specimen is chosen to be brought to the surface by the ROV’s hydraulic arm is curious. Once gathered, scientists wait on the surface for the moment we bring the ROV onto the deck and they obtain their small treasure after a long and patient wait. Sunset approaches and we navigate to the land in order to be able to enjoy the moments lived, waiting for better ones tomorrow.