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August 19, 2017

Farne Islands


© OCEANA/ Juan Cuetos
Manos de muerto (Alcyonum digitatum) y Echinus esculenthus


If I was forced to choose one of the dives that we have had the pleasure of enjoying up until today, I’d pick the Farne Islands, a National Nature Reserve on the border between English and Scottish water. The region teams with lobsters, brown crabs, lion’s mane jellyfish, black wrasse, and opulent shoals of pollack, which, together to an immeasurable stretch of red dead man’s fingers on the seabed, are guarded by the fascinating presence of the gray seal, the undisputed king of its coasts.

The feeling of being inside this magnificent colony, where all its members scurry to welcome the intruder with nothing more than a few curious looks that the awkward movements of this strange figure garner, cannot be expressed.

Once again, I succumb to the charms of His Majesty’s grace. Long live the King!