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July 17, 2016

High tech on-board!

BY: Jorge Blanco



In our expeditions we use high-definition cameras that can be used in depths of several hundred metres, a robot that can work at 1,000 metres deep, a CTD than can be used at 7,000 metres deep and lenses, computers, GPS, mobiles and other electronic equipment, so you can see we use a whole array of high technology stuff.  We don´t just have this stuff on-board the boat; we submerge it several hundred metres deep in to the ocean so we can explore the sea beds. Putting this high-tech equipment and mixing it with salty waters, humidity and high tides, is not the best idea ever, but it is the best way we can explore these waters and oceans.

Whoever said that high-tech equipment does not get damaged is wrong! It would be weird if something didn’t get damaged at all! In any expedition at-sea setbacks happen and you have to know how to get round them quickly and use whatever you have on-board to solve it. When this happens, you need to be optimistic, keep your cool, use your initiative and work together in a team.