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June 16, 2016


BY: Jorge Blanco



My name’s Jorge Blanco and I’m a GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Analyst at Oceana. Bad weather has forced us to stay at port again so we make the most of that time to carry out “office work”. For me, that means working on the results from the MultiBeam coordination meeting that took place yesterday in Valletta. But first of all, what exactly is a MultiBeam? Well, it’s the process through which we obtain a high-definition “image” of the ocean floor. In other words, we’re going find out exactly the bathymetry and the substrate of the areas we’ve studied, which will help us to find the best locations to carry out our under-water dives. Later on, we spent the late-afternoon on a beach where, unfortunately, in just half an hour, 5 of us managed to fill three huge sacks full of rubbish. This just shows you how much more we need respect our seas!