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June 11, 2018

Here’s to many more travel logs and miles!

BY: Marta Fernández


Cortejo de Serranus scriba


Today I was leafing through the “full-color hardcover” book of the 12.000 millas en defensa de los mares: La expedición del Oceana Ranger (12,000 miles in defense of the seas: The Oceana Ranger expedition). Looking at the photos from this trip from the port of San Diego to Tarragona, it struck me as interesting to see the ship in tropical landscapes, passing through mangroves, with red-footed marlins with blue beaks perched on the bow, sailing among pelicans, and with an underwater wildlife that’s very different from the Mediterranean.

As a sailor, the “things” that remain the same are what catches my eye in the photos: the red moorings, some characteristic capes, little baskets for storing food…and many of the crew members on that trip! Thinking about what to write in today’s log, a photo that showed the crew writing the logs on-board the expedition captured my attention…and then I thought of and connected with the idea that the tradition of writing a few words each day goes back to the Oceana Ranger’s first great Atlantic crossing…so here’s to many more travel logs and miles!

P.S. Today we saw two sides of the Mediterranean: areas with more garbage than fish and others with significant biodiversity. We worked with the divers and the ROV, and we were able to film coral reefs, sharks, yellow corals, several types of fish…and rocks from volcanic activity, which make this area a very special place.