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June 3, 2016

A happy day from the “great little” Mediterranean Sea

BY: Cris Urien


Ricardo Aguilar


I’m starting my small contribution to the diaries on-board the Ranger with a lot of energy. It’s a pleasure to introduce myself – I’m Cris – the chef on this expedition and it’s my second year with Oceana on the Bahar Life project in Malta. So, let me tell you a little about the day – my point of view -, from my little kitchen on the port side of the stern on the catamaran.

Today is the second day of work at-sea. We spent last night sailing from one point to another with the ROV to give as much time as possible to explore without having to waste any time going back to the port.

With a calm sea and zero winds, we were able to see dolphins and lots of turtles on the surface – with different weather we wouldn’t see these. We saw 20 in a short space of time – shining into our eyes and as being as friendly as ever.

The work on board drags on a bit longer than we thought but dinner is now ready. Every time Ricardo Aguilar’s in the kitchen (one of these days I´ll get him to put an apron on so he can cook king crab or fish cheeks), I discover a little bit more about what goes on at the bottom of the ocean.

We all sit down at the table and start chatting, laughing and listening to each other – each one of us with our own interesting, different and necessary role to play on board.

After that, we do what we always do – get some rest and go to bed. I personally love these nights where the calm and silence take over. The sky is laced with stars like a fine blurred line – it’s an incredible spectacle to watch over – and this very sky becomes smaller and thinner until I realize that with the gentle rocking of the sea, my eyes are starting to close….zzz