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June 12, 2018

Greetings from the Aeolian Islands!


We continue with our campaign on these islands. Since we return to the port of Salina at the end of practically every day we know this town as if we have lived here for a long time, we know its people, the shops, the restaurants, the beaches, and the people know who we are. The countdown to the end of the campaign has already begun and the pace of work remains the same. Hopefully, this last week will be a productive one for the entire Oceana team. Greetings from the Aeolian Islands!

P.S. The expedition had an enormously important finding today: a massive, apparently undamaged bamboo coral forest! This species of deep coral (Isidella elongata) is endemic to the Mediterranean and is in critical danger, so this discovery is a great piece of news that supports the need to increase the protection of this archipelago.