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August 22, 2017

Goodbye from the Port of Tyne

BY: Hanna Paulomäki



Today we were visited by the media here at the boat, ITV News Tyne Tees and BBC local TV (Look North) as well as Newcastle BBC radio. We got to tell and show them about this expedition and the work we do.

After the media left, we started also to do the packing and cleaning. The days at sea are always filled with work and very busy, but the work itself flows according to a clear plan and order if the weather allows: things happen always in certain order. More or less, same things happen every day. This routine is broken when the expedition ends and we come to the port: it is still a lot of work for everyone, but instead of working with one process at a time, we are all busy in unloading, packing and cleaning the things that fall under our responsibility. For a while it is a big chaos of boxes and stuff everywhere. In a moment, all is piled up at the lower deck, ready to be transported to the storages to wait for the next adventure. Goodbye, farewell, until the next time.