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March 28, 2012

Good news for some of the Spaniards fish Favorites

© OCEANA / José Rodríguez. Estorninos (Scomber colias) y caballas (Scomber scombrus). Lonja de Donosti, País Vasco.


The Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO) has launched a campaign to collect data on stocks and the ecosystem in which they live some of the most consumed species in Spain. Anchovies, sardines and mackerel among other pelagic species (i.e. fish living in the water column) will be studied in the region Northwest of the Iberian Peninsula.

These species have already suffered in the past because of irresponsible management. In addition, fishing for all of them participate in industrial fisheries, even with a prevalence on small-scale fishing, which in some cases creates a threat to the State of stocks. For example, the mackerel was victim of overfishing which ended in a penalty for Spain. Anchovy stocks, on the other hand, were endangered of conservation by unsustainable management and his capture should be suspended for five years. In the case of the sardine, we see almost an absence of management, since in waters off the Iberian Peninsula it only has front of Portugal catch limits.

Oceana welcomed the initiative, since we believe that scientific knowledge is an essential step towards achieving a sustainable fisheries management. Management measures can only work efficiently in a control framework and taking into account the recommendations of the science.