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October 7, 2011

Friday meet & greet: Striped Seasnail

BY: Angela Pauly



We’ve been slacking on our Friday meet & greet blogs that introduce you to some cool species. But after a summer of expedition, in the Baltic, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, our photo albums are bursting at the seams, full of beautiful and interesting creatures.

So without further ado, meet a striped Seasnail (Liparis liparis). We found this little one in the Bubbling Reefs of Hirsholmene Marine Reserve in the Kattegat Sea (Denmark).

© OCEANA / Carlos Minguell - Striped Seasnail

The Striped Seasnail is pretty difficult too spot because they are so small and their color varies from brown to yellow, red or green. They also have no scales and when they are juveniles are tiny and look like tadpoles.