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June 21, 2013

Friday 21 June 2013 – Archipelago of Göteborg

BY: Gorka Leclercq


© OCEANA / Carlos Minguell


Today is our last day in the archipelago of Göteborg. We only have a few hours to work as we have to head to southern Sweden in order to finish our expedition days in this country and then move to Finland to start a new phase of the campaign.

So at 07:00 am, we are already in place, we want to get to yesterday´s ramp to make a few immersions with the ROV.

As the spots we are working in are close to land, Carlos Minguell, our expedition photographer and I decide to take some shots from the ground of our zodiac-working fellows to “vary” the images perspective against the ones we have taken so far.

We position on a bridge, and while waiting for our friends, we get to see quite “some characters” coming closer with their fishing rods, their improvised “barbecue” and the whole “Sunday kit”, and so they set it up just below our spot to enjoy their peculiar “Midsummer fest”.


Despite the barbecue´s smoke, the fact that people had to jump into the water to collect all the beverage cans they dropped, and a few more adventures, we finally got the images we wanted.

Without wasting a minute, we went back to the port and pick up the zodiac, the have an exquisite “picnic” that Maribel, our Administrative and HR director, got into a town nearby. We set off to make the 300 km journey that separates us from our new destination. We take advantage to document some fishing vessels in a new port in Sweden. Finally we arrived to the campsite around seven o’clock.

I see the car´s odometer, it indicates 5,000 kms since we left Madrid. Will we get to make the 10,000 kms at the end of the expedition? Over here we´re already making bets on it.