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July 9, 2010

A foggy morning

BY: Jorge Ubero


© OCEANA / Carlos Suárez


In the morning we set sail from the port of Rota with light fog, and headed toward an area where an underwater meadow appears on the chart we carry aboard. Already during the submersion, the mist got thicker and thicker until it became a dense, looming fog. A ship’s powerful siren that we could not make out sounded not very far from our position. We suspended the submersion and Jordi, the captain, managed to go around it thanks to the immeasurable help that radar yields in these cases.

After a short distance, the weather got better until it was a perfectly clear day (and a bit warm too…). This enabled us to continue with the submersible robot submersions in the Gulf of Cádiz. We also dared to launch the CTD, an instrument acquired by Oceana this year that is going to enable us to measure salinity, temperature and other physiochemical properties in the entire water column.

For those of you who continue on board, thanks for your hospitality and Happy 2010 Campaign!!