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July 22, 2016

Fishing for dinner

BY: Jack Ravensberg



Our departure from Grimsby was at 6 a.m. heading for the Humber grounds again. Due to the fact that the current was high we could not get the ROV or the divers in the water so we did a couple of grabs and CTD in some different positions. After the grabs we anchored near a wreck to wait for the current to ease a bit to dive.

So we had some spare time and I tried to catch some fish for dinner with the gear the crew had on board. I managed to catch 6 pollacks of about 25 cm long, but as this is under the landing minimum size so they went back to swim again and we had to eat something else. Luckily we have a great cook on board so we could easily make do.

At 2 p.m. the current was less rough so we did a dive on the wreck. The weather was so good that a few (brave) people (Cecilie, Vanya and Picha) dared to take a swim! After the dive, where they saw a lot of sea life, live we went to anchor near another wreck ready for the ROV to take a look tomorrow.