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July 30, 2016

The finite infinite

BY: Marta Fernández



Today we are already close to the end of the campaign. You can feel it in the atmosphere, which is a mixture of restlessness and sadness and trying to enjoy these last moments. Today involved diving in caves, with the divers excited and focused on their last dives, and us in the zodiak sailing below the wonderful cliffs and vertical, layered walls, with their holes and sparse vegetation, shelter for the shearwaters and gulls … breathtaking slopes … allowing me so many meditative moments as we rode over the waves and followed the bubbles of our companions.  Another moment of bidding farewell to the work on the Ranger has to do with the figures of eight of the “umbilical cord” for the manoeuvring of the ROV. In the shifts when it has to be coiled, in the bow nets … alone, with the sea and the sound of the engines, you start coiling in eights, which viewed in profile can be seen as the symbol of infinity, ¥, one on top of another … more cable … 800 metres of “infinity” that never ends … and yet this time, this infinite comes to an end: the expedition in Malta is over and I leave work, boat and all the team, grateful and emotional and with a feeling of “see you soon”.