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June 17, 2016

A fine Ranger

BY: Rubén González



“People who do not know that a sailboat is a living creature will never understand anything about boats and the sea”.

A fine phrase from a fine seaman like Moitessier. It sums up perfectly those who live and care for boats, which is not something everyone will understand.  Although the Ranger only takes to water for campaign work, I am lucky enough to be able to share with it both the good and bad times during the months when it is docked, which is also the best chance to get yourself familiarized – from top to bottom – with a boat.

The Ranger is a nice boat that knows how to take care of its crew, especially when things get rough out at-sea. We don’t treat it as well as we should sometimes, but it knows that we do our best to keep it in shape and looking good. After being left dry for a few months, it comes back to life when it gets back into the water and it is then when you realise that all the work done to it in the cold winter months is really worth it: everything works! Now what we really like doing starts: living out at sea! The Ranger is a friend, a colleague, a home, a tool for our work, and ultimately, a fine boat.