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June 22, 2015

Finally back at sea




The Mediterranean was finally calm enough to let us rummage through its depths. Two immersions looking for reefs were our treat for the day. Gozo´s surface is rather pretty, but there´s still way too much to find out on its bottoms. On the first immersion we found detritic muds on the bottom and many interesting species. The second one was more exciting, with new habitats we hadn´t documented before that are perfect candidates to be protected as a ‘Reef Habitat’ within the Red Natura 2000 network. We also collected some samples of sponges and gorgonians using the ROV. Some of these are impossible to identify just from a picture, necessitating sampling. In fact we are not sure which exact species they belong to, but we do have a name in mind for them. No dolphins today, but there´s a nice day full of work behind us.


© OCEANA/ Carlos Minguell