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July 10, 2016

Fehc a fo yraid,

BY: Cris Urien



Today it’s Sunday and the beaches are full of bathers cooling off and splashing around in the sea and enjoying a cold beer. But it isn’t all so rosy at the beach; heatstroke, large crowds of people, jellyfish in the waters. But far from the beach, there are member of the human species surviving on a big aluminum box, trying to cool themselves down with big buckets of water and put themselves out of their misery by standing in front of the fans. I should also mention the humidity level here is high here. After that light introduction to the Maltese climate, today our dear ROV very carefully managed to get some sample of sponges. And I can’t end this diary entry without sending a very warm hello to all those who have joined us on-board and those who have wisely abandoned ship so they didn’t have to deal with this heat!