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June 7, 2017

Fashion for the high seas: designs go on sale to support #StopOverfishing

We Are The Ocean t-shirts


How can fashion help save the oceans?

This was the huge challenge Oceana and Uttopy gave to a group of young designers in Barcelona earlier in the year. To make things even harder, the designs had to focus on the biggest threat facing the oceans right now: overfishing. Not exactly the easiest design to doodle, right?

So, why on overfishing?

Well, overfishing is a huge and somewhat unknown environmental disaster looming over Europe. It basically means fishing beyond what is sustainable. Taking too many fish out of the sea before they can even reproduce means the world’s supply of fish is rapidly hitting rock bottom. Here in Europe, 64% of fish populations are overfished. In the Mediterranean, it’s even worse: over 90%. Just think of all people who rely on fish for their food, their livelihood or even their job.

Fashion for a cause

So, with the brief in hand to bring this issue from the seas to the shops, students from Barcelona’s Elisava design school set out to work on their ideas for the #StopOverfishing clothing competition.

The entries were all great pieces of art and design thinking. But we had to whittle them down to just two winning designs; one for adults and one for kids.

We are the Ocean

In the words of the designer, Clara Planas, the design “transforms a fishing net into an invitation to look after and protect our oceans”.  


© Uttopy

Stronger Together

Oriol Corsà’s design for the kids’ collection was inspired by the different marine life that lives in our seas. The smiling marine species are group together, showing how important they are for a healthy marine ecosystem.   


© Uttopy

Thanks to Clara and Oriol and everyone who entered the competition!

Check out Uttopy’s t-shirt and jumper collection for Oceana’s #StopOverfishing campaign here and place your order.

We hope to see you wearing yours this summer :).