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August 3, 2016

Expedition takeover

BY: Cecilie Petersen



Yesterday night the crew from Panthalassa, including the model Almudena Fernandez and the surfer Aritz Aranburu, embarked Neptune with all their cameras, gear and surfboards. Being on a movie set was what it felt like being on board Neptune today. Everywhere you went there were cameras, and pretty people.

Due to bad weather we had to seek shelter between the small islands along the Norwegian coast, the ROV was put to sleep, and instead the divers were happy to finally have the chance to jump into the cold, dark water. But they were not the only ones to jump in the water today. In the afternoon, after our dives and several grabs, the Panthalassa team took control over Neptune, and with the zodiac in the water, they directed poor Aritz, with his surfboard, to jump into the water from the bow of the ship several times, and captain Raggi, who had to make turns with the vessel inside the narrow waters between the islands. But after an hour in the water, the zodiac’s motor stopped working and Aritz, our hero, had to paddle on his surfboard to take the zodiac to the Neptune’s gangway.

Everyone made it safe to the ship, and they got all the shots they needed before the unpredictable Norwegian rain started hammering down.