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July 21, 2015

Exciting ending

BY: Oceana Web




At only two days away from the end of this year´s campaign we´ve decided to take advantage of the short time left. The area 4 is very large and there is plenty to survey so we perform seven ROV dives. The temperatures peak and the fans spin at full speed. After 26 ROV dives in the area, the result shows the wide biodiversity that exists in the circalittoral strip of Eastern Malta, where maërl habitats alternate with mud, gravel and rubble. We´ve also documented areas with emerging boulderswith a variety of species. For the last ROV dive of the day we decided to survey a cave located at around 35 to 50 m deep, which was spotted during a previous dive. Since the current kept pushing us against the wall, we only got to see the cave´s entrance, but we marked it to return next year.